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Laser Cutting Services
Laser Cutting Services involve utilization of laser wavelength or beam for accurate cutting of metal sheets within a short span of time. Metals like mild steel, stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, titanium and other types of metals are cut with complete precision as part of these services. Low project cost, capacity to cut different types of metals, usage of advanced equipments and cutting edge technical knowledge are some significant aspects of these services.
Fiber Laser Cutting Services
Fiber Laser Cutting Service is executed for precise cutting and shaping of all sorts of metal sheets made of carbon steel, aluminum, incolnel and others to produce work pieces. This service includes creating drawings and preparing 3D and 2D models of metal work pieces. Fixed laser beam is used for maintaining accuracy in cutting. This service has huge demand in industrial machine shops and hardware organizations.
CNC Punching Service
CNC Punching Services are the modern age services that are provided in order to take care of the fabrication process which is easily and smoothly carried out by the computer-controlled punch press machines.

CNC Cutting Services
CNC Cutting Services are utilized for precise cutting of thick stainless steel, mild steel, alloy steel, aluminum and other types of metal sheets. Special care is taken to maintain accuracy in length, width and thickness of cutting. These services are required to produce cranes for trucks, frame rails, material handling components and boom parts. Usage of advanced CAM and CAD programs based technology is an important part of these services.
Metal Cutting Services
Metal Cutting Services are utilized by various machine production units for maintaining accuracy in metal cutting and shaping works. Laser beam or wavelength is used for precise cutting of metal sheets made of aluminum, stainless steel, alloy steel and other types of metals. The provided services are offered on the basis of metal type, application industry and necessary specifications like cutting thickness and width of metal sheets.
CNC Bending Services
CNC Bending Services are used to bend and handle pipes made of stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminum of specific diameter. Emphasis on thorough study of drawings and multi dimensional models provided by customers are given for successful execution of these services. Utilization of computer numerically controlled machines, precision bending technique and low project cost are some key aspects of our services.
Laser Cutting Parts
Laser Cutting Parts are widely used as essential components for furniture, electrical apparatus, automotive machinery and industrial equipments. The surface of these parts is featured with powder coated or nickel plated or polished or chrome plated finishing. Standard grade alloy coated steel, cold rolled steel, stainless steel or aluminum is used to fabricate these parts. Advanced welding and bending methodologies are adopted to design these metal parts. Corrosion proof finishing, ease of installation, durable quality, ease of maintenance, precise design and cost effectiveness are some key attributes of these Laser Cutting Parts. We are offering these items in different size and thickness options.
Metal Bending Service
Metal Bending Service has huge demand in metal manufacturing and processing industries that are engaged in production of channels, tubes, beams, spiral staircase, building roof supporting materials, plates and bars. Standard grade metals like carbon steel, iron, aluminum and steel are used to execute this service. Besides maintaining bending accuracy, special care is taken to avoid deformation of metal work pieces.
Outdoor Enclosure
Aluminum and cold rolled steel made Outdoor Enclosure is used as protective housing material for power supplying accessories and telecommunication equipments. Advanced laser cutting, pressing, deburring and assembling technique have been adopted for its production. The electrostatic spray or epoxy powder treated surface of this enclosure has made it completely weather proof. The polyurethane made sealing ring of this enclosure prevents entrance of dust and water inside it.
CNC Job Works
Offered CNC Job Works are thoroughly executed within the stipulated frame of time in order to maintain the complete satisfaction and fulfill the expectations of the clients of clients.
Battery Rack
Cold rolled steel or aluminum made Battery Rack is used for systematic storage and display of car batteries within limited storage space. The chrome or zinc plated or epoxy powder coated structure of this rack is completely rust proof. Long functional life, space saving design, rigid construction, multiple shelves and required storage capacity are some distinctive characteristics of this rack.
Sheet Metal Chassis
Aluminum alloy or stainless steel made Sheet Metal Chassis is used as protective housing material for computer UPS. Accessible in different configurations, the surface of this chassis is anodized, galvanized or heat treated to extend its working life. Advanced CNC machining technology is used for its production. Dust proof design, rust resistance properties and water protection capacity are some key features of this metal item.
Metal UPS Chassis
Our comprehensive range of Metal UPS Chassis is used as protective housing part for computer UPS. Standard grade cold rolled steel plate or acrylic steel is used for its fabrication. The aluminum coated or zinc plated surface of this chassis is completely rust proof. Easy to install, this metal item is acknowledge for its long lasting surface finishing, long working life and high durability.
Server Rack
Thick cold rolled steel plate made Server Rack is an excellent option to store computer server. This rack is accessible in various width, depth and load withstanding options. Apart from its space saving design, this metal rack is reckoned for its rigid structure, exceptional durability, high strength and rust resistance properties. The side panels of this rack can be removed easily for trouble free installation of server.
Display Rack
Notable for its modern look, the Display Rack is used as systematic storage and convenient display of cell phones, computer and phone accessories in retail stores, shopping malls and other stores. Standard grade acrylic, MDF and mild steel have been used to design the structure of this rack. Judicious utilization of floor space, ease of installation, high strength, oxidation resistant body, PU coated surface and reasonable price are some key attributes of this rack.
Telecom Rack
Stainless steel made precisely designed Telecom Rack is developed for safe storage of server used in telecommunication industry. Powder coating or hot dip galvanized treatment method is adopted to safeguard its body against rust and abrasion. The TIG welded body of this rack is extremely durable. Availability in different length, width and wall thickness options is one of the key features of this rack.
Outdoor Cabinets
Aluminum or cold rolled steel plate made Outdoor Cabinets are used as excellent storage options for batteries and optical cables in telecommunication industry. The entire structure of these cabinets is treated with epoxy powder to avoid rust formation. These cabinets are equipped with built in heat exchanger fan to ensure stable functioning of these items under high temperature. These cabinets are completely protected against harsh weather.

Retail Advertising Kiosk
The Retail Advertising Kiosk is popularly used as reliable information, image and video displaying medium in airports, hotels and in various commercial places. The high resolution LCD screen of this kiosk ensures clear visibility of displayed item even from a certain distance. The USB connection arrangement and HDMI or VGA connectivity of this kiosk simplify its operation. The connected thermal printer of this kiosk provides information in printed form.
Display Stand
Display Stand offered by us can be easily described in the addition to the color, graphics, text, as well as other elements of the interior design. These  stands tend to embody the use of the POP with the help of the advertising functions.

SMPS Power Rack
Spak Metal Crafts Pvt Ltd is the known name when it comes to deliver the finest quality of SMPS Power Racks. These  racks are made using stainless steel and is electroplated in order to grant the product required strength.

Metal Display Counter
Looking for Metal Display Counter, which is structurally strong and durable? If yes then we bring you the counters that are suitable for all the malls, shops, stalls, etc that can bear massive product accommodating capacity.